Emergency Call: 082 555 8 222

Road Ambulances, Fire & Rescue

AMBULANCE-2-videoSixteenByNine1050In April 2014 Aerocare was awarded a contract to provide Medical and Fire & Rescue services to Anglo American –
Kumba Iron Ore – Sishen mine and the surrounding area. This service includes fire & rescue and ambulance services to
the mine, Sishen airport and the community of the Kathu area.

We have the best men and women on the ground to combat all forms of fire dangers. Our Fire teams are ready and on duty 24/7 to attend to your property and treasured possessions which may be on fire. The team constantly communicates with the aero air emergency unity in case on any casualties in need of serious medical assistant far from the site of fire. Call on us and we will help with the quickest response service available.