Fire protection requirements related to mining are extensive and differing since the industry is defined by large operations and complex production processes. Fires and explosions pose a constant threat to miners and to the production capacity of mines. A fire in a mine can have awful ramifications for human lives and economic viability.

Storage, handling and use of flammable and combustible materials pose ever-present fire hazards in all sectors of the mining process. Moreover, vehicles used in mining and other heavy equipment in both surface and underground operations are usually diesel-powered and a large percentage of mining related fire incidents have involved fuel used by these machines. Likewise, fire protection systems and contingency plans are required for other key operational assets such as machinery, electrical rooms, UPS rooms to safeguard the working environment and to offer assurance for business continuity.

Mine operators demand a compact fire protection system that is effective, robust and autonomous. Advanced Automated Systems’ solutions can help in the fire detection and suppression of fires related to power generation equipment, vehicles and electrical equipment. Our systems can considerably reduce hazards to personnel and prevent financial losses due to down times. Advanced Automated Systems modular mining related solutions are sensitive to issues of running costs, effectiveness, durability and personnel safety.

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